About Tower Kitchen & Bar


Tower Kitchen & Bar offers an unparalleled dining experience in downtown Rockford, seamlessly blending industrial-chic decor with culinary excellence. Situated on the park level of Embassy Suites Rockford Riverfront, our restaurant boasts captivating views of Davis Park and the tranquil Rock River, providing the perfect backdrop for an extraordinary meal.

Tower Kitchen & Bar at Embassy Suites Rockford Riverfront



Tower Kitchen & Bar at Embassy Suites Rockford Riverfront resides within a historic building with roots tracing back to 1913, when it served as an 11-story knitting mill commissioned by William Ziock Jr. Over the years, the building adapted to house various enterprises, including the American Cabinet Hardware Company, later known as Amerock. In 2015, Gorman & Company embarked on a transformative journey to convert the structure into Embassy Suites, blending its storied past with modern hospitality. Tower Kitchen & Bar opened its doors alongside the hotel's grand unveiling in July 2020, offering guests a culinary experience amidst the building's industrial charm.

Guests now experience the allure of 'industrial chic,' with elements like raw concrete pillars and meticulously restored wood block flooring paying homage to the building's manufacturing roots. As visitors traverse the hotel, they encounter relics of its industrial heritage, from preserved machinery to captivating artifacts, each telling a tale of Rockford's vibrant past.


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